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Breast implant replacement – when’s the right time?

Aurora Clinics: Breast implant replacement - when's the right time?

If you’ve got breast implants, you’ve probably considered the prospect of having them replaced. But when’s the right time to change your implants? Well, mostly due to conflicting or outdated advice, there’s a lot of confusion about how long breast implants actually last. There’s a common misconception that they’re only good for 10 years, almost [...]

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October 28th, 2015   |   Breast Implant removal    |  No Comments

How Long is the Recovery Time for Implant Removal?

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Question : I have 22 year old 300ml silicone implants which have caused me no problem over the years until November 2011 when I had a rupture. I do not want to replace them and have good skin elasticity and ample tissue around the area. I have sought the advice of two surgeons who have [...]

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Read Real Testimonials about Aurora Clinics PIP Implants Support

Look what others are saying about PIP Implant Removal & Replacement at Aurora Clinics! You’ve seen our many PIP implants videos; you’ve read our PIP blogs; maybe you’ve already even been for your PIP Implants initial consultation? But if you are considering implant removal and replacement (especially of such highly controversial and anxiety-causing implants as [...]

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January 20th, 2012   |   Breast, Breast Implant removal, General News    |  No Comments

Notes on a Scandal: Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Appears on ITV’s ‘The Silicone Scandal’ PIP Implants Documentary

PIP implants removal

Aurora Clinics & PIP Implants Making another television appearance regarding the current PIP implants controversy, renowned surgeon Mr Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics appeared on last night’s ITV feature documentary – The Silicone Scandal. The show, presented by reporter Chris Choi, highlighted the fear and confusion caused to women worldwide by recent revelations that PIP [...]

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January 13th, 2012   |   Breast, Breast Implant removal, General News    |  1 Comment

Mr Adrian Richards warns of the PIP Implant Silent Rupture Rate

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Appearing in an interview for ITV International news yesterday (Wednesday 4th January 2012) Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, Mr. Adrian Richards, warned that the reported PIP implant rupture rate may only be the tip of a less apparent iceberg. Obvious breast implant ruptures (also called ‘symptomatic rupture’) produce symptoms you couldn’t miss: changes to the [...]

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January 5th, 2012   |   Breast, Breast Implant removal, General News    |  No Comments

PIP Implants: Keep Calm and Carry On (Cautiously)

PIP breast implant panic

If you woke yesterday to the breaking news that the PIP implants controversy had taken yet another turn, you would be forgiven for feeling somewhat confused. The debate over PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) Implant safety is not new. The Aurora Clinics Blog reported back in April on the issues surrounding PIP implant safety . In November, surgical Director [...]

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December 22nd, 2011   |   Breast, Breast Enlargement, Breast Implant removal    |  No Comments

Do I need Replacement Breast Implants or a Breast Capsulectomy?


Question : Since having breast enlargement surgery 25 years ago, my breast implants have gradually become harder and harder and are sometimes quite uncomfortable, they are also too large for my liking. Could you tell me if it is possible to have my breast implants replaced with smaller implants or am I forever stuck with [...]

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