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Chinese surgeon offers “Eiffel Nose” as job market becomes harder to break in to

Nose surgery

We have previously reported on China’s increasing appetite for plastic surgery as a means to get ahead in the workplace. But one plastic surgeon has increased his efforts to help Chinese graduates by assimilating aesthetic medicine with art. In this case a specific landmark of 19th century architecture: the Eiffel Tower. Plastic surgeon Wang Xuming’s [...]

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December 6th, 2013   |   General News, Rhinoplasty    |  No Comments

What can be done to improve the appearance of my nose?

Rhinoplasty surgery does vary significantly from individual to individual according to the shape of the nose and your desired outcome. Normally, most people are concerned about the profile of the nose from its side which can hold the tip of the nose from the front. The profile of the nose can be altered by removing [...]

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October 1st, 2010   |   Rhinoplasty    |  1 Comment