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Tuberous breasts – how do you know you have them?

Tuberous breasts - how do you know if you have them?

Often young girls growing up become aware their breasts don’t look like what they see in magazines, films and on TV. As if the teenage years aren’t angsty enough, when you feel you’re developing differently from others but aren’t sure what’s wrong, it’s a troubling time. Girls may be too embarrassed to discuss it with [...]

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Question regarding Tubular Breast Correction and Implant Replacement


Question : I am enquiring about a procedure to correct Tubular Breasts. I have already tried to correct my Tubular Breasts with a Breast Augmentation elsewhere around 4 years ago but I am very unhappy with the results. One breast seems to have settled fine, but the other implant seems to be sitting much higher [...]

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What is the Best Treatment for Tuberous Breasts

Hello, my name’s Adrian Richards, I’m a plastic surgeon and I’m the surgical director of Aurora Clinics and we specialise in plastic surgery, particularly cosmetic surgery and I tend to specialise in breast surgery.  So in a previous video, I’ve talked about the tuberous breast or the constricted breast or the tubular breast which is [...]

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